Power on the Plate

A series of videos made since 2017 in cooperation with GÓRY – Górski Magazyn Sportowy magazine on nutrition in mountain sports

Episode 11

What to Eat During Outdoor Climbing

Episode 10

What to Eat During Exercise

Episode 9

Hydration During Exercise

Episode 8

Carbohydrate loading

Episode 7

Diet Before Competition

Episode 6

Coconut Power Balls

Episode 5

Breakfast Before Going to the Mountains

Episode 4

Supper Before Going to the Mountains

Episode 3

Post-Training Snack

Episode 2

Before Training: Millet Groats Pudding

Episode 1

Home-Made Isotonic Drink

Climber's Diet

Podcast prepared in cooperation with service on the diet of climbers and physically active people.

Vlog by Klaudia Buczek

Videos on nutrition and healthy lifestyle

Episode 2

Nutrition and Lifestyle Factors vs. the Immune System

Episode 1

Diet in IBS