Join us

  • Are you a Graduate or a Student of Dietetics or Food Technology and Human Nutrition?
  • Do you like learning new things and working with people?
  • Do you believe – just like us – in the principle of the Total Quality Management (TQM)?
  • Are you an ambitious person who is constantly searching for new challenges?

In Made By Diet®, we believe that knowledge and even experience without involvement are worthless! The result of a dietician’s work is not only an effect of his/her knowledge, which nowadays can be obtained quite easily, but primarily involvement and authentic care for our patients’ goals, which we always put first (“Patient centricity”)!

We invite to our team only people who successfully combine their knowledge and experience with full involvement in care for the patient’s well-being.

Choose your development and join us – we will provide you with opportunities. The rest depends on you!

What are our requirements at the very beginning?

  • Love for dietetics, authentic passion and the need to constantly broaden and update knowledge according to the latest standards.
  • Conscientiousness, attention to detail and excellent work organisation skills.
  • Very good computer skills (Office 365 package, KcalmarPro).
  • Knowledge of spoken and written English which enables reading a scientific text with understanding (e.g. an article in PubMed database) and having a free conversation about it.
  • The ability to create practical meal plans.
  • The ability to communicate thoughts in writing in a clear and precise way (having the so-called knack for the written word), text composition and editing skills and absolutely correct spelling in Polish.
  • Excellent teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with people (among others, the patient, physician, trainer, parent, partner).
  • Patience, understanding, empathy.
  • Stable and fast Internet connection and conditions for remote work, i.e. a dedicated place enabling full confidentiality and privacy of video conferences, appropriate background and lack of interruptions.

What would be welcome?

  • Practical experience in collaboration with patients.
  • Additional training and courses, especially in sports dietetics.
  • Practical skills in conducting engaging presentations and public speeches.
  • Knowledge of quality assurance issues.
  • Knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
  • Willingness to go on business trips in connection with task performance (among others, services for patients, presentations, courses, training).

What do we offer?

  • Work in a young, established Team whose members complement each other in different aspects, full of passion and energy.
  • Fantastic work atmosphere in which we put all our hearts.
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility of remote collaboration, practically from any place on the Earth.
  • All necessary tools, including the company computer with the full necessary software package.
  • Possibility of multidimensional development and gaining new competencies (work with the patient, writing articles, conducting training, giving lectures, and many other).
  • Regular internal training.


Traineeship at Made By Diet® is addressed primarily to students of Dietetics or Food Technology and Human Nutrition from all over Poland. Traineeship in our Clinic is conducted in accordance with the traineeship schedule, normally lasts one month and is free-of-charge. During this period, you will execute tasks entrusted to you and will be assisted by a supervisor. After completing the traineeship, you will receive the traineeship confirmation from us. To the best traineeship participants we offer a possibility of working with us, in accordance with current possibilities and needs of the company.


If you want to participate in our recruitment process, write us a few words about you in the form of a short cover letter (one A4 page), including the following points:

  • How did you find out about the Clinic and why would you like to work or undertake traineeship just with us?
  • What are the main areas of your interest in dietetics?
  • What are you advantages?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What skills and practical experience helpful in the dietician’s work do you have?

Attach your current CV with your photo, telephone number, contact e-mail and the following clause to your application: “I hereby give my consent to the processing of the personal data contained in my job offer (CV and cover letter) for the needs of the recruitment process, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883 of 29 August 1997).”

Please send the documents in *.PDF format to We will answer you with further instruction concerning the subsequent stages of the recruitment process.

Good luck! 😊