Prepare yourself for the body composition analysis

At Made By Diet®, we perform the body composition analysis in the form of the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) method using InBody professional analyser (the measuring accuracy is approx. 98%). The assessment takes less than 60 seconds, enabling the determination of fat and muscle mass and percentage share, together with segmental analysis. Due to the specific nature of this measurement method, it is worth preparing oneself for the assessment, so that the results are reliable and repeatable.

Below you can find some pieces of advice:

  • You should have the measurement performed before any physical activity, e.g. workout, planned on that day.
  • Bring light clothes (preferably sports shorts and T-shirt) with you.
  • You should eat you last meal 3 hours before the assessment.
  • Use the toilet before the assessment.
  • Avoid taking shower directly before the measurement.
  • Before stepping on the analyser, remove all metal objects, e.g. belt, jewellery, shirt with metal buttons, etc.

There are several absolute contraindications against the performance of the body composition analysis. They are very rare, but we must inform you about them. These are:

  • pacemaker,
  • “Ability” type electrical devices in your abdomen,
  • metal implants in the body (this does not apply to cochlear implants or the insulin pump),
  • pregnancy,
  • epilepsy.

However, a person with dental braces, teeth implants, a cochlear implant, an insulin pump, as well as bone fixing screws and plates can have the assessment performed.

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