Meet our team!

Members of Made By Diet® team are experienced specialists, for whom the well-being of our patients and service users is the greatest value! We work for you with involvement, fully using our knowledge and experience.

Enthusiast of sports and healthy lifestyle – Klaudia Buczek, MSc Eng

Co-founder, CEO, Sports and clinical nutritionist – Klaudia Buczek, MSc Eng

A talented sport climbing competitor with numerous achievements. Klaudia was the representative of Poland in speed climbing. She is a three-time winner of the Polish Championships as well as a World Cup winner.

Klaudia would not have won these distinctions without … an appropriate diet. 😊 At the very beginning of her career in sports, she noticed that an appropriate diet has an enormous effect on the level of energy, regeneration, thus, sports results.

This is why for years she has been deepening her knowledge in dietetics so that in the future she could help those who want to achieve more, not only in sports, but also in life.

She gained her experience as a dietician collaborating with sportsmen on a high level of sport competition, and also offering diet therapy to people with health problems.

Training and courses

  • She has a degree in Food Technology and Human Nutrition in the Dietetics specialisation at the University of Agriculture in Kraków.
  • She also did postgraduate studies in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.


  • Nutrition and supplementation in gastrointestinal disorders
  • A course in sports dietetics and supplementation in sports
  • Psychodietetics and coaching
  • A course of nutritional healing for members of nutritional teams

„As a dietician and sportswoman, I will teach you a healthy approach to diet and how to overcome your weaknesses”

Klaudia Buczek

Co-founder, Development director –
Michał Miśta, MSc Pharm

Co-founder, Development director –
Michał Miśta, MSc Pharm

He has been interested in chemistry and medicine since he was a child. This is why he currently works in this sector – but as an entrepreneur. Thanks to his extensive knowledge, Michał has been successfully running several companies. Sport and also his health problems related to diet inspired him to work in Made By Diet®. He supervises the development of the Clinic, supports the Team in organisational and technical terms, and is responsible for preparation of content and issues related to the physiology of physical exercise and essential and ergogenic supplementation.

Training and courses

  • He is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University of Warsaw with a degree in Ecotoxicology and Health Promotion
  • A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology Business School – Training in Pharmacoeconomics
  • Certified project manager – PRINCE2® Practitioner and AgilePM® Practitioner

„Do you want to change your life for the better? Made By Diet® offers you the best possibilities to do it”

Michał Miśta

Sports dietitian –
Karolina Ferdyn, BSc

Sports dietitian – Karolina Ferdyn, BSc

Her passions are strength sports, climbing and pole dancing. In her free time, she likes to travel and explore the secrets of plant cuisine. She has extensive experience in organizing educational workshops and conducting anthropometric measurements. In the clinic, she is responsible for nutritional care of athletes, people using plant-based diets and those trying to lose weight.

Education and Courses

  • Bachelor’s degree graduate at the Medical University of Gdańsk in Dietetics
  • 5th year student of Dietetics at the Medical University of Gdańsk
  • Bachelor’s degree graduate at the University of Wrocław in Genetics and experimental biology
  • Scholarship holder in the Erasmus+ program at the University of Barcelona


  • Diet therapy in Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Diet for thyroid diseases – hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease
  • International Scientific Conference “Nutrition Without Borders”
  • “Basics of Supplementation in Sports” course
  • “Diet and Supplementation for Acne” course
  • “SOS PMS” course
  • Specialized course on vegan and vegetarian diets
  • Sports Dietetics Course
  • XII Scientific and Training Conference “Clinical nutrition in practice”
  • Clinical nutrition course
  • Conference “Intestines – the heart of the body’s immunity”

„I will help you optimize your sports, vegetarian and vegan diet and plan your nutrition in a way that will not only allow you to achieve your goals, but also eat healthily and tasty!”

Karolina Ferdyn